Help! (I need somebody…)

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By visiting Traitu, you are already helping me a lot. It feels good to be heard. It feels damn good. Do you want to help me even more? Here come 4 ways you can help me further, you greedy bastard:

GIVE FEEDBACKLet's do this together

Four eyes see more than two. Whenever you notice something that is wrong –a misspelling, a bug– or can be improved –a better way to phrase a sentence, a new feature for a tool–, please tell me. You can reach me by email at or by Twitter at @ProjectTraitu. Soon I'll deploy a feature to give feedback directly from the website. Stay tuned.


Whenever I mention a book, I provide a link to its Amazon page. If you click on the link and buy the book, Amazon will share the profits with me at no additional cost for you. The way I see it, we all win: you, me, Amazon and the author.

Here's a list of all the books I've ever mentioned.

MAKE A DONATIONThe much needed money

Money helps me get more resources (servers, software, books, electronics, office supplies) and, ideally, would allow me to reduce my workday and devote more time to Traitu. I thought of these options:

With the monthly payments, cancel anytime you want by emailing me at .

BE GOODWhat this is all about

Go out there and do good.

There are countless other ways to help me (e.g. Spread the word1), these are just the first four that came to mind.

Thank you very much for your help. You made my day :)

If you value this project and you'd like to help, ...nevermind.


anonymously when possible. Let's avoid virtue signalling