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Francesco Sinclair, nice to meet you

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Hi there. My name is Francesco Sinclair. I'm 26 years old, I’m Italian, I live in Barcelona and I work in Marketing.

I built this thing. I call it Project Traitu.

Project Traitu is all about making me a better person. Whatever this means, that’s the goal. I'm getting old, and I realized that I've been chasing things that, in the end, don't really matter. And I'd hate to die without having tried to be a better person1. So I’ll work on this for at least the next 10 years. Not that I’m quitting my job, not that I won't go out with my friends, but I’ll devote most of my spare time to Project Traitu. Let’s give it a decade and see how it goes.

I'm uploading it to the internet as a commitment, as an archive, and to share it to the world in case it can serve others like me.

So I'll put my hands to the task. The task, specifically, is to develop:

  1. a definition (and a metric) of goodness: what does it mean to be a good person? and
  2. tools to help me be a better person.

I’ll approach this as I would approach any other problem: state my initial intuitions, gather info to know what other people have already discovered, and then try to come at it from different angles. So there will be a lot of book reading, self experimentation, essay writing and computer programming. In the future, I’d also love there to be community collaboration. I say “in the future” because right now I have the impressive amount of zero web visitors. I’m not complaining: it is cozy in here.

In doing all of this, I also hope to improve my skills in English (and maybe my writing), graphic design (and maybe illustration), and programming (and maybe electronics).

Oh, and I’m making it anonymous. Yeah, the first paragraph was all lies. Please, don’t try to discover me. That would be mean.

Hope you like it.

If you value this project and you'd like to help, there's a way.


I’m freaking scared of death, btw